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PODCALM, the innovation that offers SPAs new TREATMENTS or CURES


STRESS is “the epidemic of the 21st century”  according to the World Health Organization.

Mental health has become the main concern of the French in these times of health crisis.

SPAs can therefore offer new targeted treatment rituals for this clientele looking for a well-being break to escape daily stress and mental overload: a CARE to let go or an anti-stress CURE

Why equip your SPA with PODCALM ®  ?

PODCALM ® is the innovative Mental Wellness solution that allows intense relaxation thanks to its protocol based on neuroscience, technology and sophrology.

It offers relaxation programs according to themes such as concentration, anti-stress or relaxation. It offers a unique multisensory experience, which mobilizes the 4 senses (hearing, smell, touch and sight) for optimal relaxation.

Its multisensory technology  based on Music Therapy with meditation, aromatherapy, light therapy and vibrational waves  allows him to make the user travel through his 4 senses during a recovery session.

Its programs can be offered to SPA customers as a CARE to  the card or a CURE over several days.

The treatment offered by PODCALM ® will complement existing treatments (hydrojet, massage, seaweed wrap, etc.) while providing a new innovative solution that improves clients' mental health and meets their needs.

This will allow your SPA to offer a new differentiating service that will attract new customers who are looking for this well-being break to escape daily stress and mental overload .

What treatment or cure can be offered with PODCALM®  ?

PODCALM® can be offered to your customers in the form of two types of offers:


   1. A relaxation CARE:  which will complement the other treatments programmed in the classic CURES (PODCALM + Hydrojet + Massage + seaweed wrap, etc.)


   2.A special CURE (Anti-stress, Burn out, Letting go…) over several days dedicated to mental relaxation (PODCALM + coaching):

                • 7 days/10 sessions - CURE to get out of burn-out

                • 5 days/8 sessions - CURE to reduce stress

                • 2 days / 4 sessions - Letting go weekend STAY

Below is an example of CURE including PODCALM ®:

"Relaxation & fitness CURE (19 treatments)" which consists of:

   Learn to find yourself:

   1 self-massage workshop

   1 session of PODCALM®  anti stress

   3 individual sessions of personalized sports coaching (60 mins)

   Relax and remineralise:

   3 laminar seaweed cream wraps on a hydro-sensory bed  

   6 hydromassage baths with sea crystals or seaweed jelly  

   3 massages under sea rain (15 min)

   For body and soul:

   1 Bach flower ritual (55 mins) including 45 mins of face and body massage (45 mins)  

   1 session of PODCALM®  letting go

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