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PODCALM, the best ally of athletes

Why equip your sports center with PODCALM?

The PODCALM is equipped with a unique patented multi-sensory technology aimed at improving the general condition of the athlete, whether before or after training or competition.

the PODCALM has its place in all sports establishments in order to offer mental preparation sessions before training and post-exercise relaxation sessions for optimal physical and mental recovery of the athlete.

The main objective of a sports center is to satisfy the needs of sportsmen.  Our innovative solution PODCALM will allow it to offer equipment that connects the body to the mind, to differentiate itself from the competition and attract new athletes.


How PODCALM meets the needs of athletes?

PODCALM can be used both for pre-exercise mental preparation and post-exercise recovery for athletes:

1. Pre-workout preparation:

Athletes are part of a population particularly exposed to the risk of injury, especially if they have not done a good warm-up beforehand, both physically and mentally. With PODCALM, athletes can take advantage of a mental preparation session just before their workouts with our various programs adapted before exercise.

Lack of concentration is a major problem during sports training.

The assimilation of movements by the brain allows an optimization of these. Regular use of PODCALM allows the sportsman an optimal concentration during these trainings then in the long term an improvement of his performances.

2. Post-exercise recovery:

Physical exercise is a form of stress for the body. Meditation and light therapy can help recover better after training by focusing only on the present moment, the muscles relax after exercise.

This is exactly what the PODCALM. Once lying in the capsule, the athlete can enjoy a session combining light therapy and meditation. But that is not all ! The capsule will also awaken his 2 other senses, touch thanks to the vibratory waves diffused at the level of the spine and smell thanks to our combinations of essential oils concocted by our aromatherapists.

All the technology of PODCALM based on neuroscience will allow the athlete to let go completely and improve performance over the long term.


The relaxation session will allow an improvement of the concentration, but also a memorization and an optimal learning of the movements practiced during the effort.

The POD'CALM at the service of Mickael Maria Sardi
Athlete and MMA Pro boxer.

Podcalm for athlete MMA Pro Fighter Mickael Maria Sardi.jpg


Leo Bastien, former Rugby man testifies on PODCALM by Adilson v03.png

Leo Bastien
Former Rugby player and entrepreneur

"Whether it is for concentration before an event, relaxation afterwards or a power nap for recovery, the POD'CALM is a truly customizable journey for body and mind "

Mickael Marie Sardi, Athlete MMA Pro Boxer testifies on the use of PODCALM by Adils

Michael Marie Sardi
Athlete, MMA Pro Boxer

" I have the chance to use POD'CALM at Villa M Paris every day at 11 a.m. just before starting my coaching day or training.

A 20-minute POD'CALM program rejuvenate me psychologically and physically.

In addition, the aromas and waves vibrations take me on a sensory journey for a peaceful and recovery break "

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