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PODCALM, innovation to reduce stress at work

Stress at work: the numbers and the facts

According to a study conducted by OpinionWay at the end of 2017, nearly 9 out of 10 French people felt stressed.

10% consider themselves “very stressed”, 40% “fairly stressed”, 38% say they are “little stressed” and only 11% “not stressed at all”.

Stress would also be greater among women (60% against 38% for men) and among young people (57% for 25 to 34 year olds against 42% among those aged 65 and over).
Moreover, the most important cause of stress turns out to be work-related (at 36%) against 35% for financial problems and 33% for personal life.
Finally, stress at work has a real cost for the company. A stressed employee will indeed be less productive, less creative, less inclined to innovate and take risks, even in more extreme situations: sick and absent.

In France, the number of days an employee is absent from the company is estimated at 17.2. This absenteeism represents a cost of 108 billion euros per year, the budget of the Ministry of National Education.

Stress at work: how to take an effective break?

No productive work without an effective break. For a profitable day without additional pressure, optimize your anti-stress breaks… and get away from the office!

Managing work well is not always enough. If a good organization eases the pressure, you still have to keep up the pace... For a professional life with a minimum of stress, one solution: a break.

Which ? From coffee breaks to meditation, everyone has their own solution for a stress-free working day.


Stress at work, the right break rhythm

The ideal pace of work, according to a recent study, would be 52 minutes of activity for 17 minutes of break. Does your boss frown? Reduce the duration, but not below ten minutes: this is the time your brain needs to pick up. An effective break reduces stress, while increasing your productivity! Your brain is subject to cycles of attention. No need to struggle when you have trouble concentrating… Better to take a few minutes to breathe. Contrary to some popular belief, taking a break in the middle of work does not affect efficiency, quite the contrary.


To be less stressed at work, a break is certainly essential, but not just any or anywhere. Interrupting your tasks to read your emails does not constitute a break. An anti-stress break implies cutting off completely from the current activity: don't read your emails, don't answer the phone, don't read a report… and don't talk about work in front of the coffee machine. The ideal? Get out of your office. Breathing fresh air allows your brain to oxygenate, or isolating yourself away from your desk to meditate and just be with yourself allows you to regenerate, take a step back and you will come out with a fresh look on the situation. A few minutes are enough for a feeling of well-being that will allow you to hold the work day without anxiety.


How can PODCALM help to better manage stress of your employees in the workplace?

The PODCALM capsule is a real cocoon equipped with new patented sensory technologies. It allows you to isolate yourself to disconnect, offers optimal and unequaled conditions to let go and benefit from a concentrate of relaxing sensory effects.

From 5 to 20 minutes… and immediate benefits

Because it is difficult in a workplace or in an active space to isolate and disconnect, PODCALM capsules offer the best conditions for resting and recharging one's batteries in complete privacy in a private space.







POD'CALM: a bubble of well-being 3.0

Fruit of 4 years of research & development, 2 patents and 100% made in France.

POD'CALM is a concentrate of technology based on neuroscience, medical engineering, technology, ergonomic and sophrology/meditation.

The concept makes it possible to create a connection between body and mind, find a balance to be more serene and therefore better focused and efficient.

The multi-sensory capsule PODCALM  mobilizes 4 senses for quick disconnection and optimal recovery:

1- The hearing through music therapy with 3D spatial sound and voice guidance for mindful meditation.

2- The smell solicited by aromatherapy with natural aromas concocted by aromatherapist artisans. Each program chosen incorporates energizing or relaxing or stimulating aromas.

3- The Viewthrough light therapy with immersive lights specific to the desired benefits;

4- The to touch with vibratory waves helping to relax faster.

PODCALM is a unique patented technology, co-designed with the Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris as part of a Living Lab.

The capsule is an innovation100% French. It is designed, manufactured and assembled in France with eco-responsible, recyclable materials and a high-end artisanal finish.


In summary, there is no better than the quote from Richard Branson, the famous patron of Virgin group:

“Take care of your employees, they will take care of your business. »

Podcalm at Villa M Paris 2.jpg

PODCALM at the service of coworkers in the Villa M coworking space in Paris


PODCALM at the service of the nursing staff of the Gustave Roussy hospital in Paris

Photo Christine Leroy Journalist.jpg

Christine Leroy

" The company ADILSON revolutionizes  the practice of  micro-nap in the office with a specially equipped capsule called "PODCALM"

Portrait Woman

HRD at Renault

POD'CALM allows me to recharge my batteries at my workplace and in complete privacy as if I were at home.

I use the PODCALM capsule every day at 12:30 p.m. right after my lunch. In less than 20 minutes, I recharge my batteries. I feel like I have 2 days in one thanks to this re-energizing cut.

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